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We have helped our clients grow multi-million dollar successful businesses.

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Electrical Contractors

“Frank brings a wealth of experience and capability and with his practical approach we have been able to work closely together to make significant improvements to the business.

My business is already showing improvements in profitability and cash flow, and I look forward to further success through having Frank working with us. I don’t know how we operated prior to having Frank on board.”

Electrical Contractors

Fencing & Gate Manufacturing

“He is now an integral part of our business. We meet on a regular basis going over the finances, from Sales to Administration to Fabrication and Contractors. We break down and analyse different areas of the business to improve.”

Heavy Diesel Vehicle Workshop

“I have been lucky enough to be a client of Franks for 2 years now. His vast knowledge and past experience in all aspects of business management sets him apart from your typical business consultant. If you are seeking business growth, have staff in need of motivation or require sound advice for your business and financial affairs contact Frank today.”

Sarah Birken, Monogram

He's the person I recommend to my clients when they need information, guidance and a financial plan from someone at CFO level. Working with Frank is a breath of fresh air, he really gets how branding a business is integral to its success, and he has the numbers to prove it!

Sarah Birken, Monogram

Daniel Dunsford, AR Cash Flow

I have worked with Frank on a number of projects and have been very impressed with his level of professionalism, and perseverance. Frank clearly knows and understands his area of expertise. I cannot recommend Frank highly enough!

Daniel Dunsford, AR Cash Flow